Rite of Final Oblation

Rite of Final Oblation

I. Admonition and Examination

The Presider asks the candidate(s):

Do you wish to make your final oblation as oblates of St. Benedict and thus be affiliated with this Benedictine community of the Monastery of the Ascension?

Candidates respond: I do.


May the God of mercy strengthen your resolve by his grace.

During your oblate candidacy you have had a year to study the Rule of St. Benedict and the Benedictine way of life, according to which you wish to guide and enrich your life as a Christian in accord with your vocation. You know from this year of experience as an oblate candidate under what conditions you are about to make your final oblation as an oblate of St. Benedict.

Are you, therefore, resolved to dedicate yourselves to the service of God and humanity according to the Rule of St. Benedict?

Candidates reply: I am.

Presider: Are you resolved to strive to be faithful and to persevere in your holy resolution for the rest of your life?

Candidates respond: I am, with the help of God.

Presider: May God strengthen you in your intention and help you see it through to the end.

II. Act of Final Oblation

Candidates, separately or together, read the oblation formula they have written:

Peace! In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. I, (name), of (parish/town), offer myself to Almighty God in the presence of the Blessed Virgin Mary and our Holy Father Benedict as an oblate of the Monastery of the Ascension and promise to dedicate myself to serving God and others according to the Rule of Benedict insofar as my state in life permits.

After making oblation, new oblates go to the altar and sign their oblation document. The presider also signs it.

III. Presentation of the Medal of St. Benedict

The medals are brought forward to be blessed by the Presider.

God, our Father, the source of all things, we ask you to bless + these medals of our holy Father Benedict. Through his intercession may those who wear them be blessed by you with health of soul and body so that they may strive to exercise true charity and justice toward all. We ask this through Christ our Lord. All: Amen.

The medals are sprinkled with holy water. The presider presents a medal to the new oblates, saying:

Receive this medal with its cross of St. Benedict. May it remind you of the need to take up your cross daily and follow the true King, Christ the Lord, and so learn to share with patience in the sufferings of Christ that you may one day share in his heavenly kingdom. All: Amen.

IV. Invitation to the Oblates

The presider addresses the other oblates present:

Do you who are already oblates renew your promise to pray and act as Christians guided by the Rule of St. Benedict?

Oblates: We do

Presider: Do you promise to support these new oblates by word and example?

Oblates: We do.

V. Final Blessing


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and in the name of this community of monks and oblates, I accept your oblation and admit you into the spiritual communion of the Monastery of the Ascension. May God strengthen your faith and resolve. May you be brought into ever deeper union with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Peace be with you. All: Amen

The Presider welcomes the candidates individually. Then the Eucharist continues with Profession of Faith and the Prayers of the Faithful.