The Monastery Of The Ascension is a community of fifteen Benedictine monks which has been in Southern Idaho since 1965. We live a life of prayer, work and reading accordng to the Rule of St. Benedict and try to serve the Catholic Church and the people of southern Idaho through various ministries which include parochial work, retreats, teaching and scholarship, ecumenical activities, counseling and spiritual direction, and social service.
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[IMAGE] The Oblates are a group of about 150 lay people who have chosen to associate themselves with the monastic community of Monastery Of The Ascension. They are lay people who wish to share in the life of the monks by visits and retreats and days of prayer, by prayer for each other, and by volunteering at the monastery or contributing to it in some other way.

After people decide they want to be oblates, they spend a year as novices, during which time they try to observe the Benedictine rule according to their state in life, pray some of the liturgy of the hours, and visit the monastery for a retreat or day of prayer. At the end of that year, the oblate novices make a final oblation, where they pledge themselves to live the Benedictine spirit in their lives, pray some of the liturgy of the hours, and make an annual retreat.

There are local chapters in the Treasure Valley (meets at St. Paul's Student Center, Boise State University), Magic Valley (meets at the monastery), and Idaho Falls, and Pocatello.

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Monastery of the Ascension: Oblate Schedule

Schedule of Meetings and Retreats

Boise			Monastery			Book sections

Sep 17		         			        1-2
Oct 15			 				3-4
Nov 19			 				5-6
Dec 17			Dec  4				7-8
Jan  7			Jan  8				9-10
Feb 18			Feb 19				11-12
Mar 18			Mar 19				13-14
Apr 21 (4th Sat)	Apr 22			        15-16

The meetings will be the third Saturday of the month in Boise, 12:30 pm, and the Sunday after that, 10:45 am at the monastery. The meetings in Idaho Falls will continue to be on the second Saturday of the month, and those in Pocatello probably on the first Sunday of the month

At the meetings we will be discussing The Life of St Benedict by Gregory the Great. Translation and commentary by Terrence G. Kardong. Collegeville, MN: Liturgical Press, 2009. The book is divided into 16 sections, so since we have 8 meetings that divides neatly into two sections per meeting.

Weekend retreats for oblates at the monastery are scheduled for:

Nov. 4-6, 2016
March 10-12, 2016
Nov. 3-5, 2017.

For further information contact Fr. Hugh (208-761-9389),

The Monastery Of The Ascension
541 East-100 South
Jerome, ID 83338

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