The Monastery of the Ascension is a community of about a dozen Benedictine monks which has been in Southern Idaho since 1965. We live a life of prayer, work and reading accordng to the Rule of St. Benedict and try to serve the Catholic Church and the people of southern Idaho through various ministries which include parochial work, retreats, teaching and scholarship, ecumenical activities, counseling and spiritual direction, and social service.
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Our Monastic Community
Br. Selby Coffman, O.S.B.

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I made my final vows on July 10, 2004. I grew up in North Carolina and Kentucky,graduated from Oberlin College, OH, in 1973. For 20 years I was involved in peace and social justice work of various kinds, most notably in support of nonviolent human rights efforts in Central America. I also have been trained in music for the dying, using voice and harp, to provide pain relief and spiritual comfort. Currently, I do volunteer work, playing music for the dying. I am in charge of cleaning the common areas of the monastery and I look out for a shelter belt we are growing on one edge of the monastery land. My time here at the Monastery has been the most spiritually rich and quietly joyful period of my life.

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